Sunday, August 14

Get tax credits or child benefit paid into a Post Office card account? Set up an alternative account now or your payments will stop

You can keep your Post Office card account open and get other benefits paid into it – for now

It’s important to note that the deadline above only applies to payments from HMRC, so if you want to keep your Post Office card account open – for example, because you still have some money left in it – you can do so, for now.

Plus, if you get any benefits from the DWP, or your state pension, paid into your Post Office card account, this will continue until November 2022, when Post Office card accounts will be closed for good. There are around 382,000 active Post Office card accounts, according to the latest figures from the DWP.

But if you can, it’s still worth making alternative arrangements now – this will minimise the risk of unexpected delays to your payments next year. If you get any payments from the DWP, you should get a letter with a form to fill out so they can be transferred to a different account. Alternatively, you can call its dedicated helpline on 0800 085 7133.