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Next, the team Woonkly shares some data related to its new social network, whose operation is based on the use of NFT and his proposal aims to generate important changes within the sector.


On December 12, 2021, it was officially launched Woonkly, the social network in which each content creator will have their profile and all their publications in NFT format.

In this regard, the CEO of Woonkly, who is known on social networks as Mr. Santos, Daniel Santos, commented that “The goal is not to innovate for innovation’s sake, but to innovate within regulatory frameworks, not yet created, to help regulators create them.” Under this premise and with the perspective that the present and the future will be closely linked to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, it created a platform that seeks to mark a before and after within the sector, referring to it as “The first decentralized social network of NFTs”.

On the proposal of Woonkly

As such, Woonkly It was launched at the end of last year during the Formula 1 Grand Prix held in Abu Dhabi, an event attended by personalities and entrepreneurs from the crypto sector, who received the formal announcement first-hand.

Between the proposal Woonkly is the fact of appearing as a social network mainly based on the use of NFTs, where users can follow their favorite artists and keep up to date with news in their areas of interest. It has innovative functionalities, and will allow the positioning of influencers and content creators, as well as the connection of metaverses in their own profiles and the elimination of advertising intermediaries.

All of the above would be reinforced with high security standards, given that the Woonkly will implement protocol AML (against money laundering) and key (know your client), policies necessary to keep the intellectual property of artists safe.

In this regard, Santos commented:

“Once someone creates an NFT, it will be linked to intellectual property, and if someone steals it or tries to copy it, the owner can take legal action.”

Return power to the user

A remarkable aspect of Woonkly Metasocial Network is that the content is not uploaded to a server, but to users’ computers via the protocol IPFS (Interplanetary File System), which allows the development of a large decentralized global directory of creators, influencers, talents, users and metaverses, who will interact with each other, creating new ways to monetize content.

Almost any type of media file can be converted to NFT: From songs to video clips, through podcasts, books, selfies and, of course, lands in the metaverse.

According to the responsible team, the mission of Woonkly is to decentralize social publications, returning power to the user and providing a new way of monetization with the NFT.

About Woonkly Labs

This social network NFTs born in Woonkly Labs, an Estonia-based technology company founded by Spanish entrepreneurs, which is specialized in creating products and services on Blockchain.

Its wide technological scope and its disruptive nature allow it to develop different business models and innovative technological solutions, which make it easier for users to have control of their data and personal finances.

What venture builder of projects blockchain, Woonkly Labs creates startups with the potential to become important participants in the ecosystem, and invests through its accelerator and fund in the most promising proposals.

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