Thursday, May 19

Getting your driving license, increasingly expensive: the DGT rate increases for 2022

The year 2021 has been marked by a shortage of components and a rise in prices that has affected all areas. From the shopping cart, to technological products, digital services companies and, of course, gas and electricity as the main ones. As if this were not enough, other services also update their prices, such as the driver’s license.

Whoever wants to get their driving license this 2022 will have to assume a small increase in prices. The cost overrun compared to last year certainly does not discourage anyone from stopping studying, but what is certain is that having a car will be more expensive. In the last year the price of all fuels has increased, both fossil fuels and gas or electricity, the registration tax has increased and the scarcity of new cars has also made the price of used cars more expensive.

A slight rise that keeps adding up

As we say, the rise in examination fees, approved in the State’s general budgets, is not decisive when opting for a driving license or not, but it is one more drop in a glass that does not stop filling. Thus, despite the fact that the ITV rates will maintain their prices, the price of the driving license will increase by 1%.

This percentage is kept for any management that we have to do with the DGT. With this increase, the fee for issuing the license to obtain the driving license will be 94.05 euros. In the case of having finished with the points, the price to pay is 28.87 euros. The issuance of the international driving license will cost 10.51 euros.

In addition to the driver’s license, requesting a circulation permit will cost 99.77 euros and changing the ownership of the vehicle will mean another 55.70 euros. For each duplicate, you will have to pay 20.81 euros.

Photo | Peter Fazekas