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Gettr, the new social network of Donald Trump’s team | Digital Trends Spanish

Donald Trump’s attempts to have a voice on the internet are not stopping. After the closure of his blog, now his team is back with a new platform, which now looks like a real social network: Gettr.

Gettr is basically Twitter, with different colors but with the same functionalities and with a clear mission: to be a place where people can express their opinion without fear of reprisals. Users can post their messages with a limit of 777 characters, upload photos or videos and review the trends that are displayed in a special section.

The social network is headed by former advisers to Donald Trump, such as Jason Miller (former spokesman for the former president) and Tim Murtaugh (director of campaigns).

Gettr as a platform has existed since mid-June, both in web format and in applications for iOS and Android. However, that has not been an impediment for some accounts to already have hundreds of thousands of followers, but this seems to have a small trap since, when creating a new account, it is possible to import the number of Twitter followers to the new social network .

According to what it publishes Fox News, the creators of Gettr hope to attract users from Twitter by using “superior technology that will be the envy of Silicon Valley.” The platform will be launched on July 4, a symbolic date that for Gettr will mark the day of independence from what they call “the monopolies of social networks.”

However, so far Gettr is missing a prominent user and that is nothing more than Donald Trump. On Political They report that there is an account ready and ready for the former president, but that the final decision depends on him and so far he has not made it. Likewise, there is already a false account of the former president, whose publications follow the line of what was read on Twitter.

Gettr trump

The new social network looks like another effort by Donald Trump to spread his message on the internet, something he has not been able to do after Twitter – his favorite – blocked it indefinitely and Facebook did the same for two years.

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