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Ghost of tsushimanominated for Game of the Year 2020, received a major makeover for the PlayStation 5. The processing power of the PS5 took the beauty of the game to a new level in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. However, gamers are eager to know if they will have to start from scratch or if they will be able to transfer their save data on PS4 to the new version. Fortunately, the Sucker Punch team made this possible, and in a simple way.

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How to Transfer Ghost of Tsushima Save Data on PS4 to Director’s Cut Version

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut prompts you to transfer your save data to PS4 as soon as you load the game. Follow the onscreen instructions and make sure to choose the latest saved data. However, if you decide to skip this step, you can still transfer data by selecting Transfer PS4 Console Save from the main menu.

To make sure you are using the latest save data, go to the base game, load the story, and save it manually. The date printed will now be the day you use the game for the first time. Then go back to the version Director’s Cut and transfer your data. However, this all depends on whether your data saved in Ghost of tsushima have already been transferred to the hard drive of your PS5 or to an external hard drive connected to the system. However, we recommend that you keep the data saved on the main hard drive.

Note– Make sure to back up your saved data to the cloud. Initiating a data transfer will replace any saved files!

Will I be able to transfer my Ghost of Tsushima: Legends data?

Yes, you will be able to transfer your saved data from Ghost of Tsushima: Legends on PS4 to version Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut. Multiplayer fans want to play Ghost of Tsushima: Rivals, a PvPvE game mode where two teams of two prepare to face off and see who can kill the most enemies. Teams will sabotage each other with events like Hwacha fire and exploding bodies.

How to Transfer Save Data from PS4 to PS5

If you just bought a PS5 along with Ghost of Tsushima: Directors Cut, you’re going to want to transfer your PS4 save data to your PS5. Here we tell you how:

  • Make sure both systems are connected to the same Wi-Fi network via wireless connection or LAN cables.
  • Enter your main profile in both systems.
  • Connect your PS4 to your PS5 with a LAN cable. If both systems are using a LAN cable to connect to the same Wi-Fi network, the systems do not need to connect to each other.
  • Start the transfer from your PS5 by going to Settings > System > System Software > Data transfer > Continue.
  • Select your PS4.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Select the data you would like to transfer (ideally everything, but in particular your data from Ghost of Tsushima).
  • Allow time for the transfer to complete.

You can also access your data saved on your PS + Cloud Storage if you are a PS + member.

Should I transfer my data?

There are two aspects to choose from. The first, the fans of Ghost of tsushima they spend many hours on Jin’s trip. The second, it is worth starting from the beginning the version Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. You’re going to want to recapture the magic of the game with updated graphics, super fast loading times, and several new features (which we won’t anticipate so you don’t miss out on the surprise).

However, if you are looking to get to Iki Island immediately, you will want to transfer your saved data, especially if you already master the game and have not entered New Game +. Iki Island is unlocked at the start of Act II, warning players that Iki is not a walk among flowers. What’s more, you won’t be able to return to Tsushima until you’ve advanced to a certain point in the Tales of Iki story. Finally, a handful of alternative dialogue options are scattered throughout the Iki plot for those who have defeated Khotun Khan.

Fortunately, you can have multiple save files active in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, and you are free to transfer your PS4 data anytime you want.

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