Friday, August 12

GI Joe’s HISS Tank Goes On Sale For Collectors | Digital Trends Spanish

Fans of the eighties cartoon series G.I. Joeare rubbing their hands together, since the Hasbro manufacturer announced a collector’s edition of the HISS tank model piloted by Baroness Cobra.

The toy will retail for $300, and will be larger and more detailed than the original version.

The new toy is called GI Joe Classified Series Cobra HISS, and it’s a highly detailed version of the tank made by the artists at HasLab, the company’s crowdfunding division. This is HasLab’s second GI Joe release. The first was the Skystriker jet, but unlike that one, this tank is designed for the new 15cm figures, so the vehicle is 48cm long and 27cm tall.

One of the details that fans of the original vehicle will appreciate is that this version includes working tank wheels. The new HISS Tank needed at least 8,000 people willing to pay the $300 it costs to go into production, a number far exceeded.

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