Sunday, December 10

Gibraltar cordons off part of Little Bay coastline over ‘oil-covered rocks’ from stranded ship

The Gibraltar Government has reported this Thursday afternoon that a part of the Little Bay coast will be cordoned off to the public, “since there is still a considerable amount of oil-covered rocks” derived from the spills of the bulk carrier OS35, semi-sunken next to the Rock after have collided with another ship.

Five ships run aground in the last 15 years between Algeciras and Gibraltar

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Gibraltar has indicated that this Thursday “a light veil outside the second barrier” of containment against the ship’s discharges has been detected, “but everything indicates that the amount of floating veil continues to be significantly reduced”, with which it ensures that “the The containment strategy deployed around OS 35 continues to make good progress” after the spills detected and their impact on the Peñón and La Línea beaches.

In any case, “several service boats have worked to contain any veil inside the second barrier and two boats with formation J and a boat with absorbent barriers have been operational since early in the morning to deal with any veil outside the second barrier. containment zone.

ship cleaning

Meanwhile, the operators continue to clean the ship of all material that could contaminate later and five sacks full of chemical products and other domestic waste that were collected this past Wednesday from the damaged ship have already been unloaded on land.

Also on land, remnants of spill cleanup efforts have focused on Sandy Bay, Little Bay and Camp Bay. Thus, the oil globules found this morning in Sandy Bay have been cleaned up, although some traces of oil remain on the outer jetties.

“A portion of the Little Bay shoreline will be cordoned off to the public as there is still a considerable amount of oil covered rock; and the barrier placed in Catalan Bay has been shortened to mitigate the chances of the barrier reaching the coast if the weather worsens over the weekend”, indicate the authorities of the Rock.