Thursday, September 21

Giphy and his unfathomable catalog land on TikTok | Digital Trends Spanish

As an “opportunity to access a wide range of content by opening up even more creative possibilities” TikTok presented its alliance with Giphy. The latest edition of the social network’s toolkit rolls out the unfathomable catalog of GIF files in a feature called Library.

“Library also unlocks a new category of entertainment content, making it easy for people to start or participate in their own trends, with clips from their favorite shows, GIFs, memes and more, seamlessly integrating them into their TikTok videos.” reported the subsidiary of ByteDance.

The offer considers Giphy Clips (GIFs with audio), elements that “make moments that define culture, popular quotes and reactions shareable, allowing the hundreds of millions of users who use Giphy for expression visual, now incorporate them into TikTok as part of a unique narrative”, added the platform of Chinese origin.

To access Library, just go to the camera screen and touch the new icon, which was located at the bottom of the vertical sidebar. Once there, the most popular content of the moment will be displayed in two columns. It also includes a search engine, for pieces with more specific motifs.

“Once you have selected the content, you can trim to the desired length and return to the capture page to continue adding content,” they explained on TikTok. Giphy clips available at launch include reactions, quotes, people, and iconic moments.

We look forward to continuing to expand the Library to include other content sources, audio and sounds, text templates, content from creators, and much more, as we continue to innovate and spark creativity in our community.

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