Monday, July 4

Giuliani Suspended From Practicing Law In New York For His “False Narrative” On Voter Fraud



A court in New York has announced this Thursday the Rudy Giuliani suspension, the former lawyer of Donald Trump, to practice law in that state for the “verifiable false and misleading statements” that he publicly released to defend the electoral fraud that his client was denouncing at that time after being defeated in the US presidential elections last November.

“We conclude that there is indisputable evidence that the defendant made demonstrably false and misleading statements to the courts, legislators and the general public in his capacity as attorney for former President Donald Trump during his frustrated bid for re-election in 2020” , signals the fault.

Giuliani’s conduct, the letter explains, is an “immediate threat to the public interest”, thus “justifying his provisional suspension from the practice of law.” The “false” statements were made “to improperly reinforce the narrative that electoral fraud caused the presidential victory to be stolen from their client,” Donald Trump.


This suspension, temporarily pending a formal disciplinary hearing, takes effect immediately and involves a blow to the former mayor of New York City, as well as a senior official of the Department of Justice and a federal prosecutor in Manhattan.

For its part, Giuliani’s defense has issued a statement in which it shows its “disappointment” with this decision, taken “before a hearing is granted on these matters” and that “is unprecedented.” They defend that their client “does not represent any danger” “and they are sure that” once the issues are fully explored (…) he will be reinstated as a valued member of the profession, “says CNBC.

On the other hand, Guiliani, together with Sidney Powell, one of Trump’s legal team attorneys, as well as MyPillow pillow company CEO Mike Lindell, are facing a $ 1.3 billion defamation lawsuit brought by Dominion Voting Systems, the main voting company in charge of the November elections and targeted by Trump and his acolytes.

The company has sued these three people for their repeated claims that they were part of a vast conspiracy to steal millions of votes from Trump through the help of foreign hackers, corrupt Democrats, dictators and communists.

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