Thursday, August 11

Glaidson dos Santos is indicted for attempted murder against competitor of GAS Consultoria | Bitcoin Portal

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro released on Wednesday (27) the indictment of Glaidson Acácio dos Santos for attempted murder. The owner of GAS Consultoria, also known as Pharaoh of Bitcoin, is suspected of ordering the murder of Nilson Alves da Silva in March of this year.

As pointed out by the report of newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, Nilson would be spreading around the city of Cabo Frio (RJ) that the owner of GAS would be arrested and this motivated the order of his assassination by Glaidson.

Both were competitors in the money-raising market claiming that they would invest in cryptocurrencies. “Nilsinho”, as the victim is known, would have told people to take the money from GAS Consultoria and pass it on to him.

The attack took place on March 20 of this year, when a car stopped beside Nilson’s vehicle during a red light. The four men allegedly hired by “Pharaoh” fired six shots. Nilson was shot and is blind and paraplegic from the attack.

“To start the criminal enterprise, the ‘Pharaoh of Bitcoins’ ordered a trusted partner to hire the perpetrators of the crime. To make the police investigation more difficult, four individuals hired to kill the victim used a cloned vehicle and had the support of a regularized car to make the road trips,” says the Civil Police, in a statement.

Hired by Glaidson

Report from G1 portal points out that the police already have names for the perpetrators of the crime: Rodrigo Silva Moreira, Fabio Natan do Nascimento (FB), Chingler Lopes Lima and Rafael Marques Gregório. All outlaws from justice so far.

The investigation is led by delegate Carlos Eduardo Almeida, from the 126th DP (Cabo Frio), who claims that the gang used a cloned vehicle and a regularized one to make the investigation more difficult.

Glaidson would have ordered Thiago de Paula Reis to hire the criminals. Thiago is a trusted man of the owner of GAS Consultoria and came to visit him in jail.

another run

In addition to the case involving Nilson, the Police also indicates that the two perpetrators of the crimes also participated in the murder of Wesley Pessano, another investor in cryptocurrencies that operated in the city.

As reported by Folha, the police are still investigating whether Glaidson was the mastermind of this murder.

Counterpoint of defenses

In a note sent to the G1 portal, Thiago’s lawyers say that he “vehemently denies any participation in the facts narrated” and say that “before any story on the matter was aired, the defense filed a petition with the Cabo Frio Police Station stating that the Mr. Thiago de Paula Reis is entirely at the disposal of the Court to provide any clarification on the facts”.

Attorney Thiago Minagé, who defends Glaidson in the criminal process against the financial system, said he is not in charge of the case related to the attempted murder and therefore cannot speak out.

GAS Case Consulting in Courts

This Tuesday (26), by 2 votes to 1, the Regional Federal Court of the 2nd Region (TRF2) denied another request for habeas corpus filed by the defense of the former waiter. He is suspected of a financial pyramid with cryptocurrencies and a defendant in a process that investigates crimes against the national financial system.

Second Publication of TRF2, one of the arguments of the judges, of judge Flávio Lucas, to deny the release of Glaidon, is the “real possibility” of the defendant’s escape, since he has “resources and structure to establish himself abroad”.

This is already the third request for habeas corpus filed by the defense of Glaidson, who has been in prison since August on charges of a crime against the national financial system, allegedly applied by his company GAS Consultoria. The deal is known in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, for offering controversial investment contracts in cryptocurrencies.

The Federal Police, CVM and the Public Ministry gathered documents seized in the Kryptos operation and the courts made him a defendant earlier this month, along with 16 other defendants. His wife Mirelis Zarpa, likely head of the business that promised 10% monthly income, is still at large.

At the time of the arrest of Glaidson and other suspects, the PF and IRS agents seized 591 bitcoins, valued at the current price at around R$ 195 million, dozens of luxury cars and more than R$ 13 million in cash.