Thursday, December 7

Glance: advertising on cell phone lock screens? | Digital Trends Spanish

In the near future the lock screens They could also be a potential corner of the cell phone invaded by advertising, information and even games. At least that’s the premise of startup Glance, a subsidiary of ad-tech giant InMobi Group, which is in talks with Google to bring its features to mobile within two months in the United States.

The place techcrunch reports that, “Three-year-old Glance is largely credited with identifying an opportunity to serve up content on the lock screen, prized real estate whose monetization has enabled smartphone vendors to boost revenue in recent years.” years. The startup personalizes the content feed on the lock screen based on users’ interests, prompting them to engage deeply with the content.”

In recent months, the startup has been testing live trading on its platform and is also engaging with TV providers to bring Glance to their clients’ TV operating systems.

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