Wednesday, January 19

Gleen Greenwald defende o Bitcoin e critica Donald Trump e Hillary Clinton

In a new public defense of Bitcoin, Gleen Greenwald announced that he spoke with the bitcoiner Alex Gladstein.

In a recent participation in Flow Podcast alongside her husband, Gleen Greenwald has declared Bitcoin to be a great anti-censorship mechanism. Days after this speech, he still declared that digital currency was a great tool for those seeking privacy, an important element to protect themselves against abuses by governments around the world.

Gleen presents himself as a person of left ideas, but publicly defends freedom, something that is not common among political parties of this social philosophy.

Gleen Greenwald talks to Bitcoin supporter Alex Gladstein

The Strategy Director of Human Rights Foundation (HRF), Alex Gladstein, is one of the main supporters of Bitcoin publicly. A columnist for Bitcoin Magazine, he often discusses the potential for freedom of digital currency publicly with his followers, giving an interview to Gleen Greenwald in recent days.

During the conversation, he said that emerging countries stand to benefit from Bitcoin, which should be a reserve currency, especially against the Dollar. He said that using the US currency as a store of value is not good for anyone.

That’s because, with massive surveillance, central bank digital currencies and “deplatforming”, people who opt for the fiat currency system could easily be excluded from the traditional financial system in the future, according to Alex. According to him, this should worry as much for those who live in China as in the United States.

During the conversation, the HRF CSO urged people to understand more about the harmful effects of inflation on the Dollar and other fiat currencies, systems based on central bank trust, and to study Bitcoin for your personal protection, a math-based currency and decentralized.

The first part of Gleen’s interview with Alex was published last Wednesday (22) in Rumble of the journalist. According to him, a second version addressing environmental issues will be published soon.

After criticism of Bitcoin, Gleen saw that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton “aligned”

Former President Donald Trump has come back to criticize Bitcoin in recent days, saying that digital currency is worthless and dangerous.

Recently, a speech similar to this one had been delivered by Hillary Clinton, Trump’s main rival in the 2016 US presidential election, when she ended up defeated at the polls.

Former political rivals, however, Trump and Hillary could be allies in an attack on Bitcoin. This is the vision of journalist Gleen Greenwald, who currently lives in Brazil with his family.

“Bitcoin unites Trump and Hillary in opposition, both warning that it threatens dollar hegemony and is a ‘dangerous’ weapon to undermine the power of the status quo.”

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