Wednesday, March 22

Glenn Close cancels his visit to the San Sebastian Festival due to a “family emergency”

Actress Glenn Close has canceled her visit to the 70th San Sebastian Festival, whose official jury was going to preside, due to a “family emergency”. The Argentine producer Matías Mosteirín will replace him as president. In a statement, Zinemaldia sources have reported that Close had to cancel her visit at the last minute due to “a family emergency.” Close has conveyed to her Festival her “regret” for not being able to fulfill a task with which she felt “very committed”. Last week, the protagonist of ‘Fatal Attraction’ (Fatal Attraction) and ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ (Dangerous friendships) published a video on her social networks in which she expressed her enthusiasm for presiding over the official jury of the festival, “a new adventure that I had never experienced before.”

The San Sebastian Film Festival pays tribute to the public with an exhibition on its seventieth anniversary

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“I love Donostia, the people are fantastic, I really want to see wonderful movies and I’m excited to meet my fellow jurors,” she said. Through a statement, Ella Close has “deeply” regretted not being able to take part in the 70th San Sebastian Festival. “There has been a family emergency for which I must stay home,” she explained. The actress has apologized to the festival, the jury, the filmmakers, the Donostia Awards and the public, “for not being able to be there to celebrate with all of you”.

The official jury will be composed of the following members: casting director and filmmaker Antoinette Boulat (France), director and screenwriter Tea Lindeburg (Denmark), writer and journalist Rosa Montero (Spain), filmmaker and visual artist Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese (Lesotho), the director and screenwriter Hlynur Pálmason (Iceland) and the producer Matías Mosteirín (Argentina), who will chair the jury.

The first feature film by Matías Mosteirin (Buenos Aires) as a producer, ‘Bolivia’ (Adrian Caetano, Made in Spanish Award), received the Young Critics’ Award at Cannes Critics’ Week in 2001. He has collaborated with the producer Lita Stantic in the executive production of titles such as ‘Mundo Grúa’ (Pablo Trapero, 1999), ‘La ciénaga’ (Lucrecia Martel, Perlak, 2001), ‘La Niña Santa’ (Lucrecia Martel, 2004) or ‘A red bear’ (Adrián Caetano, Made in Spanish, 2002).

As director of K&S Films, he has produced ‘Fishing Days’ (Carlos Sorín, Official Selection, 2012), ‘Los Marziano’ (Ana Katz, Official Selection, 2011), ‘The Last Elvis’ (Armando Bo, Horizontes Award 2012) , ‘Séptimo’ (Patxi Amezcua, 2013), ‘Relatos Salvajes’ (Damián Szifron, Perlak, Audience Award for Best European Film, 2014, nominated for an Oscar and Goya for Best Ibero-American Film), ‘El clan’ (Pablo Trapero, 2015, Golden Lion for Best Director in Venice and Goya for Best Ibero-American Film), ‘La Cordillera’ (Santiago Mitre, Donostia Award Special Screening, 2017), ‘Accusada’ (Gonzalo Tobal, 2018), ‘El Ángel ‘ (Luis Ortega, Perlak, 2018), ‘El Pepe’ (Emir Kusturica, 2018) and ‘The odyssey of the gile’s (Sebastián Borensztein, Official Selection – Special Screening, 2019).

He has also been co-producer of titles such as ‘One Hundred Years of Forgiveness’ (Daniel Calparsoro, 2016) or ‘While the war lasts’ (Alejandro Amenábar, Official Section, 2019). He has recently been executive producer of the series ‘El Reino’ (2021), by Marcelo Piñeyro, for Netflix. In 2021 he received the prestigious Platinum Konex Award for his career.