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Glenn Greenwald defends Bitcoin as an anti-censorship mechanism

Journalist Glenn Greenwald argued that the left should learn more about Bitcoin by participating in the Flow Podcast program alongside her husband and Congressman David Miranda.

Glenn is famous for being on the board of The Intercept website, where he has worked covering several investigations in their careers. One is related to Edward Snowden, a former NSA agent who revealed that the United States carried out mass surveillance on its citizens and governments of other countries.

Greenwald’s career is also guided by the defense of freedom of expression, an issue that was once again debated in conversation with Monark and Igor 3k.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald defends Bitcoin as an anti-censorship mechanism

In a debate about who will be the possible candidate elected in 2022 in Brazil for the office of president, Glenn Greenwald defended that the so-called “third way” should be Ciro Gomes, a politician who could face Bolsonaro and Lula in an eventual dispute.

At this time, presenter Monark said that he no longer believed in systemic, centralizing politics, and that technologies like Bitcoin would be a more interesting governance path to adopt. He recalled that currency is decentralized and unobjectionable.

Thus, Glenn Greenwald defended Bitcoin as a mechanism for destroying the ability to centralize power, freeing individuals. According to him, “the left needs to start to understand the potential of Bitcoin”.

He remembers that since when he worked with Snowden, on privacy and encryption, everything was coming to the reality of Bitcoin, which should avoid censorship even on social networks like Twitter and Facebook and centralized power.

“It’s a very revolutionary technology.”

Deputy David Miranda does not believe that blockchain is an immediate solution to Brazil’s problems

Both Glenn and David Miranda are supporters of free speech and democracy. But an unusual question was asked of the two, asking them what their opinion on the return of the monarchy is.

It is worth remembering that on November 15th, the Proclamation of the Republic was celebrated in Brazil, but many Brazilians took to the streets to ask for the return of a monarchic regime in the country, where the figure of a king is the central power.

According to David Miranda, it is absurd to even discuss the matter, since in democracy power belongs to the people and it is much fairer that it should be so. The Flow Monark presenter also criticized the thoughts of monarchy and recalled that solutions like the blockchain could give more strength to democracy.

However, for Deputy David Miranda (PSOL-RJ), the country needs to focus on fighting hunger and providing tools such as more referendums for the population to begin to be part of political life.

In his view, an eventual activation of the blockchain through mobile applications to guarantee democracy, with the current social inequality, would make the system better only for those who have access to the internet and cell phones, that is, the richest.

The debate on freedom of expression and Bitcoin drew the attention of the Brazilian left, which criticized the visit of Gleen and David to Flow Podcast. In a publication by Twitter, the journalist recalled that he will not discuss only with the “perfect left”, but with the whole society.


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