Thursday, July 7

Global warming has taken away hours of sleep | Digital Trends Spanish

An investigation led by scientists from the University of Copenhagen showed that the effects of global warmingIt is more harmful to human health than we thought, since it is decreasing our sleep hours.

This difficulty sleeping is mainly due to rising temperatures, especially at night. The analysis revealed that the average global citizen is already losing 44 hours of sleep a yearleading to 11 nights with less than seven hours of sleep, a standard benchmark of sufficient sleep.

Sleep loss per degree of warming is about a quarter higher for women than men, twice as high for those over 65, and three times higher for those in less prosperous nations. The researchers used data from sleep-tracking wristbands worn by 47,000 people over 7 million nights and in 68 countries.

“For most of us, sleep is a very familiar part of our daily routine; we spend almost a third of our lives asleep,” said Kelton Minor, of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, who led the research. «But a growing number of people in many countries around the world are not getting enough sleep.”

Minor added of the study, “We provide the first planetary-scale evidence that warmer-than-average temperatures erode human sleep. It might actually be the tip of the iceberg, because our estimates are very likely to be conservative.”

The researchers found that the impact of warmer nights on sleep was seen across countries, whether they had naturally cooler or warmer climates, with the impact clear when nighttime temperatures rose above 10°C.

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