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Gmail: shortcuts to get the most out of your mail | Digital Trends Spanish

The email service that was launched in 2004 and is available in more than 100 languages, gmail, has multiple customization options, from changing the background theme for a more modern look to adding a signature to make it easier for them to contact you. Likewise, the shortcuts are a “combination” that favors the administration of the various sections or the simple act of writing an email on the platform. We present below some that are essential and that you must master right now.

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Essential Shortcuts for Gmail

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⌘/Ctrl + Shift + C

In the window of a new mail, the shortcut allows you to scroll to the Cc box so that you add the addresses to which you want to copy your message.

⌘/Ctrl + Shift + B

If what you want is for an email address to remain hidden in the email you will send, this is your shortcut, since it will move you to the Bcc box.

⌘/Ctrl + K

If you are interested in adding a web address to a word or phrase in the email you are writing, select this and proceed to perform this combination of keys. In the window that is displayed, you only have to indicate the URL and click on To accept.

⌘/Ctrl + Enter

All set with your email? Although the button Send highlighted in the compose window, this shortcut allows you to send the message in a jiffy.

⌘/Ctrl + B

Makes it easy to bold a selected word or phrase in your email.

⌘/Ctrl + Shift + 7

Do you need to list a series of steps in your email? This shortcut makes it possible to create a numbered list.

⌘/Ctrl + Shift + 9

If you want to highlight a paragraph in your email as a quote, select it and execute this key combination. You will notice how a vertical line is placed before it.

Note: the shortcuts mentioned below are only activated if you check the option of Enable keyboard shortcuts on the General configuration from Gmail.

G + I

Lets go to the section Received.


For those who regularly go to sent emails, this is the shortcut that quickly directs them to this section.


Have you ever wondered how many emails you have as drafts? Press this combination to find out.

G + K

Open your task section to see how many you have left to complete or quickly add one.

* + A

This shortcut marks all the emails that are displayed on the screen, either to delete or archive them, for example.

* + R

The combination is useful for deleting or archiving, for example, screen-read emails.

* + u

On the contrary, this shortcut highlights unread conversations on the screen.

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