Thursday, September 16

Go for all!

They return full of energy after the summer with their polls outside the electoral period that give the PP the winner and that he could govern with Vox, they say. For several years, a good part of the polls have been used as an incitement to vote, it is enough to remember when the demoscopia granted the Olympus to that boy, Albert Rivera, who had to leave the presidency of Ciudadanos after sinking him at the polls. Now the machinery is better organized if possible, it is more extensive and compact in objectives, and they are firmly committed to placing Pablo Casado as President of the Government of Spain with Abascal as Vice President or Minister of the Interior.

They have all returned, from all branches. Without even having cultivated certain ethical scruples and having remembered –in their case– what journalism is if they ever knew and exercised it. It is a war without quarter of covers, articles, newspapers with a certain circulation, of those to throw directly to the garbage and of social gatherings. Ana Rosa Quintana with a table of gatherings in which the climax of the loss of prestige predominates, speaks of dictatorships and “of communism and the vice presidentWith a cultural and historical ignorance at the level of the experts in ultra-liberal economic doctrine that he leads.

They see the light, their panels, their demoscopic consultations say that the Spaniards are going to give majority to the PP of Pablo Casado, Egea, Almeida, Ayuso, Pablo Montesinos, Toni Cantó, etc … Those who every day spread the same ideology that they repeat their means. It is the PSOE who blocks the renewal of the Judicial Power, hey. And the PP will lower the VAT on electricity whose proposal they voted against in Congress does nothing. We have lived on another planet while these things were happening on the piece of Earth called Spain, the navel island in the universe. Married has been a constant trip to the Government in the fight against the pandemic. He was intensely opposed to Spain receiving European funds, he traveled to Brussels to try to discredit the Executive of Pedro Sánchez. He seamlessly supports the Hungarian Viktor Orbán, the epicenter of the European extreme right.

Pablo Casado arrived very sooty in his academic preparation. With degrees for hours courses and especially a Master’s degree that the Supreme Court refused to investigate despite the data that pointed to its falsehood. It is a way of being that amplifies its meaning when one aspires to govern an entire country.

Casado has specialized in asking for organizations or norms that already exist, rejecting his own excuses and lying so crudely that he seems to be on the mission of turning the stomach of those informed to be noticed. It shouldn’t be easy at all to blame others for your mistakes without blushing with embarrassment. The truth is that in the so-called statement journalism – which has journalism what a bulletin board does – it works. And what he says finds an echo in the media.

He presides over the party that already enshrines in sentences the triple corruption that it displays: municipal, regional and state. Despite the pieces that it has located in the judiciary that close and open cases with surprising criteria. The one that cuts in public health, leaves the children and their teachers to stop the pandemic to whom it says in Madrid that If they cannot ensure the protection measures, they seek life.

The Spanish people, however, will vote for the PP, they say, so that together with the even more sectarian, sexist and racist Vox, it governs. To vote for the PP of Casado and his cutting is to vote for the PP of Inda, Marhuenda, Ana Rosa Quintana, Vicente Vallés, Lucía Méndez … El Mundo, La Razón and ABC, among many, many, many others that it scares. Their willingness to inform and believe what they say to citizens offers doubts when they practically claim that donkeys fly, although who knows if that aphorism has become true in practice.

The outlook is bleak and gets worse every week. It does not matter that with the course of the pandemic and European aid, the future offers more positive prospects. For these people everything is black. An implacable task in which elements of a certain press, judiciary and politics are signified. The presence and the unnatural acceptance of the very extreme Spanish right, also financed from prominent economic sectors, is a fact that is increasing. And that is already reflected and spreads, for example, in homophobic attacks such as those perpetrated in Madrid this week at 5 in the afternoon and in a town in Toledo at parties, after the unforgettable lynching of Samuel in Coruña. The criminalization of unaccompanied minors is another sign of how fascism is growing. A strict commitment to democracy and to the fulfillment of each of its work in all areas – from journalism to justice and politics – would make it difficult for this to continue advancing as it does. And not by repeating it does it improve, this machinery is too powerful and constant.

Did the deputy from Vox Ortega Smith really deserve a space on TVE to propagandize his ideology by providing false, radically false data that relate violence and immigration? Well, this has happened and just after the attack that TVE describes in its news programs as “alleged homophobia” and which consisted of recording the word “fag” on the victim’s buttock with a knife. So presumed.

Curiously, the attacks intensify every time new indications or confirmations of the irregular conduct of the former head of the Spanish State, Juan Carlos de Borbón, emerge. And they rave in praise and attacks on their gods and demons. Inés Arrimadas assures that “Podemos and the separatists are not going to be able to overthrow the monarchy”, given that Pisuerga passes through Valladolid. While Lucía Méndez also praises the Bourbon monarchy. So that they can see how far the tide is reaching.

The Crown appears to be the mortar of this cohesive group. And it seems that for better and for worse they are all traveling in the same boat. At the moment, the danger of shipwreck is more in the good people, in the institutions, and at the rate that we are even in democracy. The downside is that when we yell at each other without success, we even end up making navigation metaphors. If you prefer, we pass it to a space rocket of those that intend to nest on a planet with no return. In any case, it remains to be known if the Spaniards of 2021 are the ones from May 2 – castizos aside – or the ones who let the Hundred thousand children of San Luis and Fernando VII pass by shouting ‘Long live the caenas’.

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