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Goku and Vegeta will “tell” the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games | Digital Trends Spanish

TV Azteca announced its plans to cover the Tokyo Olympics, which include Goku and Vegeta as the main novelty, who will be “narrators” of the next sports competition.

Of course, these are Mario Castañeda and René García, the official voices of Goku and Vegeta for the Latin American dubbing of Dragon ball, in a kind of bar that will bear the name of The Z Games.

The station explained that in this space, “the most powerful warriors in the universe” will recapitulate the day of the games. This does not mean that the animated characters can be seen on the screen, in fact, the same television company explained that for that to happen, they would have to buy permission from Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama to be able to use both characters in their broadcasts.

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& mdash; Mario C Castañeda P. (@ccp_mario) June 19, 2021

In addition, although both Castañeda and García have confirmed their presence in Los Juegos Z for TV Azteca programming, the details of the permissions for the use of the characters in the transmissions have not been explained, so it is still unknown how these will appear characters during space

Therefore, it is understood that viewers will be able to hear Goku and Vegeta, but not necessarily their most famous phrases and terms.

“The official voices of Goku and Vegeta, Mario Castañeda and René García, respectively, will have the funniest newscast of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Aczino, the best freestyler in the world, will join with his rhymes about the sporting event,” he says. the site of TV Azteca.

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