Sunday, July 3

Goldman speeds up analyst hiring as banks get desperate for young talent

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Goldman Sachs is fast-tracking analyst hiring and may cut down on interview rounds as Wall Street gets desperate for junior bankers

David Solomon goldman sachs

Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Investment banking is grappling with a shortage of available junior talent to fill open roles — and as a result, some banks are reconsidering how they recruit talent.

Read up on Goldman Sachs’ potential hiring changes.

A top KKR exec explains how giving stock to hourly workers at its portfolio companies has increased retention and productivity


Brendan McDermid/Reuters

KKR exec Pete Stavros started researching employee stock ownership after seeing his dad face challenges as a low-income hourly worker. See what else Stavros said about giving stock to his workers.


Bitcoin miners are seeing gold despite the cryptocurrency’s recent fall.

NurPhoto/Getty Images

FIS executives Sairam Rangachari and Rob Lee discuss why they are big believers in the power of crypto for community banks. Here’s what they said.

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