Sunday, December 5

Goodbye tax for menstruation: We tell you how much these products will cost without VAT

After the approval of the Tax Miscellany 2022 in the Senate, all the menstrual management products such as sanitary napkins, tampons and menstrual cups will go from having 16 percent VAT to 0 percent of this tax.

With the 0 rate for products to manage menstruation, it is expected that millions of women, adolescents and people with the ability to menstruate can access these basic products. But to all this, now how much different products will cost without VAT?

If you look at the supermarket for a package of 32-piece night sanitary pads, it currently costs an average of 49 pesos, but by eliminating VAT on the purchase of this product, it would end up costing 41.16 pesos.

A package of towels regular 28 pieces that cost an average of 52 pesos, without VAT will cost 43.68.

On the other hand, a box of 10 tampons can be found at 41.50 pesos in the same supermarket, but when VAT is removed, this basic product would remain at 34.86.

When you look for the price of a menstrual cup, this on average is 500 pesos, but after deducting the VAT of 16 percent, it will end up costing 420 pesos.

These tax changes will end up making a difference for many people in the future.