Thursday, January 27

Goods seized from the “King of Bitcoin” will be auctioned by the courts

The millionaire patrimony acquired by the alleged “King of Bitcoin” during the time he practiced scams will now be auctioned by the Paraná court. Owner of the Bitcoin Banco Group, Cláudio Oliveira was a protagonist of memorable events in the Brazilian cryptocurrency community, when he applied a fraud in the market that harmed thousands of investors.

In the group were brokers such as NegocieCoins, Tem BTC, among others, who helped in carrying out the scheme revealed by the Federal Police.

A target of Operation Daemon, Claudio is considered the leader of an organization that collected Bitcoin from investors and used the currency for its own consumption. Meanwhile, the group’s investors believed they were monetizing their currencies on the platform, which presented itself as a cryptocurrency broker.

At one point, NegocieCoins “got bigger” than Binance in global volume, but CoinMarketCap issued a warning at the time for a possible manipulation of trades. All of these cases show that the company did not provide its customers with a trustworthy environment, which ended up collapsing when most of them asked for the withdrawal.

Claudio Oliveira has tried to get out of prison three times since November, but all of his requests in court have been denied, the last being by TRF4, which unanimously kept him in jail.

From the chain, “King of Bitcoin” will see his millionaire assets auctioned off

Next Monday (13), at 5 pm, the 1st Bankruptcy and Judicial Reorganization Court of Curitiba (PR) starts the million-dollar auction of the assets of former “King of Bitcoin” Cláudio Oliveira.

With the combined assets valued at R$ 1,448,850.00, they will be available to interested parties by the public on the website Kronberg Auctions. All those interested in the products must login to the site, following all the rules provided for in the auction notice.

It draws attention to the most expensive items in the auction, which are luxury vehicles that belonged to the leader of the scheme. One of them is a BMW X5 M vehicle, 2017/2018, valued at BRL 322,800. O most expensive car, however, is the PORSCHE PANAMERA 4EHYB, 2017/2018, which is evaluated in R$ 505.800,00.

Also among the vehicles there is a BMW 750I YA81 (BRL 231,300), BMW/X3 XDRIVE35I (BRL 109,100.00) and, finally, a HONDA/HR-V TOURING (BRL 140,500.00). Vehicles alone then exceed R$ 1 million, being the main asset seized in Operation Daemon.

It is good to remember that the Federal Police turned a Lamborghini of the “King of Bitcoin” into a vehicle, so this is not an item in the auction promoted by the Bankruptcy Court at this time.

Cheapest item is a white wallet for R$50.00

The auction consists of 57 lots, ranging from luxury and common products. That’s because the cheapest item to be auctioned off is a white wallet for R$50.00, followed by two belts that will have bids starting at R$100.00.

Luxury handbags from the brands CHANEL, GUCCI, PRADA, SAINT LAURENT Paris, DOCE & GABANA, L&V. LOUIS VUITTON, all over R$ 2,000.00 are also in this auction. Luxury glasses, belts, wallets, backpacks, suitcases, all seized in operation, must be available for purchase.

As it is an auction, bids will be placed on the scheduled date and whoever participates and wins must commit to pay for the product within 3 days after the end of the event.

The notice was obtained by Livecoins and can be read in full by interested parties.

It is worth remembering that at the end of pyramid schemes, it is common for the courts to auction items seized in operations, as has happened in the past with Unick Forex and Indeal.