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Google already allows you to delete the last 15 minutes of searches | Digital Trends Spanish

Google allows you to delete the search history, but for that you have to enter the search engine options and select the entries that we want to delete, these can be all or the ones we select. It is effective, but it is not always the most comfortable or practical.

For this reason, many were interested in the announcement made by the technology company at the last Google I / O held in May, when a new function related to this area was shown: a special button that allowed to delete the last 15 minutes of the search history .

Months after that announcement, the new feature is finally available, at least on iOS. It should also come to Android soon.

How does it work?

For this, in mobile applications, just touch the avatar of the user’s profile, where a new button will appear. This is “Delete the last 15 minutes”, just below “Search history”.

In accordance with 9to5Google, this could offer a “more streamlined experience” than Google’s incognito mode on iOS. It is also indicated that it is similar to the commands “Hey Google, delete everything I told you last week” or “Hey Google, that was not for you” that can be accidentally activated in Assistant using keywords.

Although, the company points out that this new button is already available on iOS, but from 9to5Google they explain that they have not yet been able to find it. The firm also indicates that it should reach Android devices before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the company has also officially announced the possibility of blocking the “My Activity” page after an additional login verification with the credentials, so that users of shared devices do not have “broad freedom of action. on the user’s personal information ”.

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