Tuesday, March 21

Google begins to enable its even darker mode | Digital Trends Spanish

Google started enabling a new dark mode for some users, as reported by the portal 9to5Googlewhich details that the main novelty of the change is that the option shows a really dark black (numbered #000000) and not a grayish tone.

According to the site, not all Google users on desktop computers have the new dark mode enabled. Whatever your case, you can check it yourself in the “Preferences” menu, which is located in the lower right corner of a Google page. There, simply select “Dark theme: On / Off”.

Either way, the portal 9to5Google shared a comparison image showing what both modes look like. The difference could be subtle for some or quite noticeable for others. You judge it:

The media pointed out that the new dark mode is still in the testing phase, and that in fact, the users who were part of the first batch of testers they no longer have it available. For this reason, he points out that its massive implementation could still take time.

However, there are several options to watch content in dark mode, especially if like most, you browse more using your mobile phone.

If you use iPhone, the option is activated in the menu Settings > Display & Brightness > Light/Dark Appearance. On the other hand, if you use Android, the option is found in the menu Display > Dark mode settings. Likewise, remember that on Android the option varies depending on the type of cell phone you have and the customization layer added by the manufacturer.

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