Saturday, April 1

Google Calendar will have a booking page for meetings | Digital Trends Spanish

The latest update to Google Calendar makes booking appointments and meetings much easier. The technology company announced that users will soon be able to create a “booking page” that will serve to send to one of their contacts. Thus, a person shows the periods in which they are available to hold a meeting, while the other user can select a time.

This will allow users of the workspace to choose the time of the meeting from the create button. This new feature will activate a user interface that can be used to generate an appointments and meetings web page.

To make it work, people will need to highlight the times they will be available for the meetup, then enter the duration and where it will take place (it can be a Google Meet room), as well as add a title and a short description .

When this process is complete, Google’s Calendar app will automatically generate a website known as a “booking page,” which can be sent by the creator to someone else. This makes it easier and more convenient for the other user to select a time and add it to the calendar.

To create this booking page, the user must be using at least the Business Standard version of Google Workspace. This new tool should be available from April 9 for everyone. Once it’s launched, all you need to do is load the web version of Google Calendar, click the create button, and then choose “schedule appointments”.

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