Tuesday, September 26

Google Chrome is updated to protect you from security error | Digital Trends Spanish

Google posted a update security for your chrome browser which fixes what is known as a zero-day bug. The issue affects Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Android. The flaw can lead to arbitrary code execution, a serious security vulnerability, so it’s best to download and install the latest version right away. Zero-day bugs mean this is a known weakness, and in this case, Google said the flaw is already being exploited by hackers.

Google didn’t publish a detailed explanation of how the exploit works, but will do so when most people have updated, making the danger of further attacks less dire. The most serious bug is identified as CVE-2022-2294 and the update also fixes CVE-2022-2295 and CVE-2022-2296.

Although details are scarce, the exploit is being used by hackers in the wild, so we recommend updating Chrome immediately. The exploit can allow arbitrary code to be executed on your desktop, which has the potential to give hackers full access to your PC.

This is the fourth Chrome zero-day bug fixed this year, with previous fixes arriving in February, March, and April, indicating an increase in hacking attempts. It would be best to enable Chrome auto-updates while on the *About Chrome* page to fix these issues as soon as possible.

How to protect yourself

To install the latest version of Google Chrome on Windows or Mac, open the app and click the three vertical dots at the top right to see more options. From the Help menu, select About Chrome to view information about the browser. In most cases, Chrome will automatically start the update process so that only a reboot is required to finish the installation. If a refresh button appears, click it and then restart the app to finish and protect your browser from attacks.

On the About Chrome page, restart to update.

If the latest version is already installed, no update is necessary and not all computers are affected. The Chrome stable channel on Windows and the extended channel on Windows and Mac require the update. By default, Chrome is on the stable channel, which is best for most users and least likely to run into issues.

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