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As part of the initiative, Google Cloud is exploring the ability to allow your customers to make and receive payments with cryptocurrencies.


Google Cloud, the cloud storage division of Google, is building a team specialized in digital assets in an effort to strengthen its strategy Blockchain.

The company announced the initiative Thursday through a release through his official blog. The publication highlights that the new working group aims to provide customers with the infrastructure to create, trade, store value and launch new products on blockchain-based platforms.

We are launching a new team dedicated to digital assets to help consolidate the Blockchain ecosystems of the future. Whether you’re implementing blockchain or blockchain-native strategies, you can rely on our scalable, secure, and sustainable infrastructure.

This new team will enable our customers to accelerate their efforts in this emerging space and help underpin the blockchain ecosystems of tomorrow.added Yolande Piazza, vice president of financial services at Google Cloud, in the statement.

Google Cloud explores cryptocurrency payments

The blog entry suggests that the internet and technology giant recognizes the innovative potential and value that technology can bring. Blockchain. Google Cloud, owned by Google, pointed out in this regard that its storage platform could represent a “big role” of the evolution of this sector.

In this regard, Piazza mentioned some of the solutions based on blockchains and distributed ledgers such as Hedera, Theta Labs Y Dapper Labs, as examples of companies that are already taking advantage of the infrastructure Google Cloud. Likewise, the company also addressed some of the plans it has to strengthen the activities related to this development.

Going forward, the Google Cloud Digital Assets team will undertake a number of short-term and long-term initiatives to support businesses in the digital asset/blockchain ecosystem.“, reads the statement.

Among the efforts, the company indicated that it will work to provide node hosting dedicated/Remote Procedure Call (RPC) nodes for developers, allowing users to implement validators of Blockchain in Google Cloudwith one click“.

Google Cloud also plans to host the full transaction history for several major blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Dogecoin, among other. More recent efforts could also lead to Google Cloud to adopt payments with digital currencies. The firm revealed in the blog post that this is something they are already looking into:

As we build our team, we’re also exploring opportunities in the future to enable Google Cloud customers to make and receive payments with cryptocurrencies.

Is Google taking a pro-crypto approach?

The head of strategy for digital assets at Google CloudRichard Widmann spoke about the new initiative in an interview with CNBC. Widmann highlighted that the new team will focus on exploring and helping expand the services the platform offers directly to developers in the space. Blockchain. “We believe that if we do our job well, it will drive decentralization“, He said.

He also commented on the integration of payments with digital currencies, acknowledging that currently many foundations and other entities dedicated to the development in the world of digital assets are mainly capitalized with cryptocurrencies.

[Hay] things we can do to reduce the friction some customers have regarding paying from a centralized cloud that uses cryptocurrencyyes,” commented the director.

Other cloud storage service providers have also been actively exploring the space. Amazon Web Services launched in 2018 a service dedicated to blockchain technology that has Accenture, AT&T Y Nestle among your customers. a few years before, Microsoft had presented the service Azure Blockchain, although it stopped offering it last year.

The latest announcement from the subsidiary of Google, property of Alphabet, seems to indicate that this year the company will take a more open approach towards digital assets. The company, which has shunned cryptocurrencies in the past, recently hired former CEO of PayPalArnold Goldberg to push for a new financial services strategy that could include cryptocurrencies.

Google also recently announced that it has partnered with companies in the crypto industry, Coinbase Global Inc. Y BitPay Inc., to store crypto assets on digital cards.

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