Sunday, December 3

Google Docs will allow you to write emails collaboratively | Digital Trends Spanish

A new update to Google Docs will make it easier to use your word processor to compose emails. According to Google, this is part of its smart canvas initiative, which aims to improve collaboration between productivity software tools like Meet, Docs and Gmail.

This new feature would also allow emails to be drafted in Google Docs collaboratively, by multiple people, without the need to switch apps.

The platform has released a new template for emails, with which you can write a draft individually or in a group. For this, the person will only have to write @email on a blank page or select the “Draft email” option. After this, the application will automatically add the special template for this type of text.

The person can also add the recipients of the mail without having to leave the platform to search for the contact. Thus, once all the fields are completed, all you have to do is touch the Gmail icon at the top of the screen.

A pop-up window from Gmail will show how the email draft turned out, so it’s ready to be sent if the person or their team so chooses.

Google says that the email draft feature will also be available to Google Workspace customers starting in the coming weeks, and also to everyone who had previous G Suite Basic and Business plans.

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