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Google Employees Oppose Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine | Digital Trends Spanish

Google is facing the ire of some of its employees who do not want to get vaccinated against the coronavirus: Hundreds of workers are circulating a demonstration protesting and rejecting mandatory vaccines.

Currently, Google employees are working remotely, but the return to the offices is planned for the first days of January. The company, in an email sent to all employees, requested that for that return to work in person, the employees already have their complete vaccination schedule, in order to comply with the federal order of the United States government.

However, around 600 employees they have signed a letter in which they oppose this order. And they not only oppose, but also ask Google bosses to back down with the idea, because it is not inclusive for all employees.

The letter also encourages employees to object and that if they had already decided not to get vaccinated, not to change that decision because of the order at the company level.

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In any case, the 600 people who have signed the letter are a very low percentage of employees, taking into account the more than 150,000 who work at Google. The company has further reaffirmed that its policy will not change, because it is the only way to maintain a safe work environment for all who return to the offices.

This policy is part of the vaccination requirement of the US administration for all private companies with more than 100 employees. And those who do not want to be vaccinated, will have to undergo weekly tests to verify that they are free of the virus.

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