Wednesday, May 18

Google files lawsuit for scam with basset hound puppies | Digital Trends Spanish

Google sued an individual who, impersonating the tech giant, defrauded hundreds of people by offering basset hound puppies. The action accuses Cameroonian Nche Noel of using websites, Google Voice phone numbers and Gmail accounts.

One of the offender’s victims paid $700 in “electronic gift cards” for a baby dog. At the insistence of the non-arrival of the pet, the African demanded an additional $1,500 dollars for supposed transportation expenses.

Credit: Tyler Farmer/ Unsplash.

The individual used “seductive photos and false customer testimonials to take advantage of people during the pandemic,” he said. Google. His scheme, he continued, responds to a common pattern: identity theft to capture money for products that will never reach the buyer.

Pet-related fraud, the company said, accounts for 35 percent of all online shopping scams. In particular, fraud involving basset hound puppies “targeted the most vulnerable people, just as the pandemic caused a record increase.”

According to Google Search Trends, searches for “Adopt a dog” spiked at the start of the pandemic, as people spent more time at home. By the end of 2020, 70 percent of Americans reported having a pet, he detailed.

“Unfortunately, this scam disproportionately targeted older Americans, who may be more vulnerable to cyberattacks,” it added. Every year, internet fraud reaches $650 million dollars in that country, according to official estimates.

According to the Mountain View company, every day it prevents more than 100 million fraudulent emails from reaching its users.

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