Thursday, September 21

Google gets rid of the iconic Android mascots | Digital Trends Spanish

Google decided to withdraw and transfer “to an undisclosed site” of the popular Android mascots from the offices of Landings Drive, in Mountain View. Known as “Google Android Statues Square”, the place next to the Google Visitor Center is a small square that housed for years the colorful statues alluding to the operating system.

A spokesman for the technology giant said the decision was based on the remodeling of the place. Product of the works, informed CNETthe statues will be repaired and stored “until they find a new home.”

Multiple users of Google Maps had reported since the end of February that the place, very popular as a stage for photographs, was cordoned off and that the statues seemed abandoned. At the close of this article, the site was a vacant lot.

“Very very disappointed. I expected a gift and found desolation and ruin. The whole area looks abandoned and the merchandise store [cerrada] It looks from the outside like the post-apocalypse stores you see in video games and movies,” Fredy RO lamented in his review.

The same user added that “only three statues remain and [están] in total decomposition […] The area seems to be out of the interest of Google, it is not maintained or protected, which is a shame because this place was an icon, a symbol and an interesting place.

Citing a second spokesperson, CNET said that some statues were relocated and that the firm would have “plans to put the remaining ones in new locations” in other corners of the Mountain View complex.

The figures alluded to the names that, before adopting numbers, the versions of Android had. In addition to Andy the robot (also called Bugdroid), the park featured Pie, KitKat, and Ice Cream, among others.

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