Wednesday, October 20

Google gives more details on two-step verification | Digital Trends Spanish

In May, Google mentioned that it would enable two-step authentication by default to provide more security for its users’ accounts.

Now, on the subject of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the company explained that it will enable double factor for 150 million accounts by the end of this year.

In 2018, Google reported that just 10 percent of its active accounts used this type of authentication. Since that time, the company’s efforts to get people into this configuration have intensified.

The company has shown greater concern about the issue of security on the web during the coronavirus pandemic, in which the use of its different services and applications has skyrocketed with remote work.

“Having a second form of authentication dramatically reduces the opportunity for an attacker to gain access to an account,” they say from the technology.

In its Blog official, the firm explains that the Google application will incorporate a new function that will allow access to all the passwords that have been saved in the manager, directly from the menu of this app.

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