Friday, December 3

Google gives up on the Pixel Fold, rumors say: it will not go on the market because it is not competitive enough

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have been an interesting twist on the smartphone concept that Google had offered us until now, both in design and in features, but still we expected another coup with that theoretical Pixel Fold.

Now new data reveals that the Pixel Fold will not be released. A well-known analyst has indicated that Google has canceled the launch because this device was not going to be competitive and its price was going to be higher than that of Samsung’s folding mobile.

Foldables are still a tough bet

The news is another jug ​​of cold water for the folding segment that only Samsung strongly defends and that now orphaned of which he was probably going to be one of his references.

In fact in Google they seemed to take more and more into account these devices: the output of Android 12.1 pointed to better support of foldable devices and seemed to be an unmistakable sign that his Pixel Fold was just around the corner.

However, Ross Young, from the DSCC firm that has internal supply chain reports, has revealed that Google will not launch the Pixel Fold. The reason: the device it wasn’t going to be as competitive as they wanted, and its price would also end up being higher than that of Samsung’s folding.

We expected the Pixel Fold will be launched in 2022 —In fact it was not going to be its only device in this market— and it was a direct competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, but if this news is confirmed, the segment of mobile phones with a flexible and foldable screen will suffer a major blow.

Via | XDA-Developers

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