Thursday, May 26

Google implements a bombing alert system in Ukraine | Digital Trends Spanish

As part of a package of measures called “Helping Ukraine”, Kent Walkerpresident of Global Affairs at Google, announced the implementation of Russian airstrike alerts for Android phone users.

The initiative was adopted at the request of the Kiev government, it will be complementary to the existing warning systems and will be fed by official information. The tool associated with Google Play takes advantage of a “low latency alert mechanism” created for emergencies, such as earthquakes.

“The government of Ukraine issued an alert for %s on %s. Take refuge immediately” will be the type of message that the citizens of the European country will receive in the face of the imminence of an attack by Russia. They will also be able to read another one once the authorities cancel the alert.

Walker also reported on the threatening activity of a number of actors in the virtual world, such as hackers FancyBear (Russia) and Ghostwriter (Belarus). The Threat Analysis Group (TAG) “regularly monitors” these groups, “which are well known to law enforcement,” he asserted.

In Search and Maps, Google activated the option for local businesses in neighboring countries to disclose services for refugees. For example, hotel owners can indicate in their business profile whether they offer free or discounted accommodation.

In parallel, the facilities of the Google Campus for Startups in Warsaw (Poland) will be available so that those displaced by the invasion of Ukraine receive “legal and psychological support” from local NGOs, to which resources were given for $10 million dollars . Support for volunteers from Slovakia, Romania and Hungary was also announced.

“We continue to work to significantly limit recommendations for a number of Russian state-funded media outlets on our platforms,” ​​it added. Some of the victims in Google Play and search databases have been the networks Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik.

The Mountain View-based firm has also suspended most of its business activities in Russia, including payment and monetization features on YouTube. Of course, free services like Gmail were still operating at the end of this article.

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