Friday, September 24

Google introduces new checks to tackle scam financial ads from today-but there are major exclusions

All financial services providers wishing to advertise on Google from today must show they are authorised by the FCA. In reality, this means they now need to provide information to Google that includes:

  • Business details (name, address, email address).
  • Domain(s) or website(s) included in the FCA registry and any other domain(s) or website(s) used for advertising on Google Ads, which are not included in the UK FCA registry.
  • FCA registration number.

If a provider has not completed Google’s standard verification process prior to today, they also need to do so. This includes providing Google with identity documents such as:

  • Certificate of incorporation.
  • VAT registration certificate or certificate of registration if it’s a charity.

If you are an FCA-authorised individual or representative, as opposed to a business, you need to provide proof of identity by showing a driver’s license, EU national ID, EU or UK passport, or a UK residence card.

It is only after completing both of these steps that financial providers will now be allowed to show ads on Google. This verification will be needed for all forms of advertising, including search, shopping and display.

Both third parties and non-financial services advertisers also still need to provide details to Google to verify their identity.

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