Saturday, March 2

Google is looking for more NFT than Ethereum and Binance, but Bitcoin is king

Key facts:
  • El Salvador, Spain, Venezuela and Argentina are the Hispanic countries where “bitcoin” is most googled.

  • Google searches for NFT grow over Ethereum and Binance.

During the last year, different words in the cryptocurrency ecosystem have become more popular, while others have maintained their level of interest. This is demonstrated by the searches that people have been doing in the world on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Metaverso and NFT (non-fungible tokens).

As revealed by Google Trends data, the most searched word of the five has been bitcoin, beating Ethereum, Binance, Metaverso and NFT by more than 77% worldwide.

The country that has googled the most bitcoin in the world is El Salvador. This makes sense considering that in 2021 it became the first and only place in the world so far to formalize its use as a national currency. The other Spanish-speaking countries where it was most searched are Spain in 25th place, Venezuela in 27th and Argentina in 28th of the world ranking.

El Salvador is the country that most Googled bitcoin in the world during 2021. Source: Google Trends.

Below, almost on par are Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, and Binance, a platform that allows you to buy and sell crypto assets. As can be seen in red and purple in the Google Trends graph, both words maintain a similar line of interest throughout the year, although towards the end of the year they have been overtaken by the keyword of the moment: NFT.

Argentina, Spain and Venezuela are the Hispanic countries where Ethereum was most searched, although none of them is positioned among the first 24 places in the world ranking. Binance, on the other hand, has attracted greater interest in the region, mainly in Venezuela, considering that it is the second country in the world that has sought it the most. Next up are El Salvador at 12th, Argentina at 13th and Spain at 19th.

Google Trends reveals that, in 2021, Bitcoin was Googled 77% more than Ethereum, Binance, Metaverso, and NFT. Fountain: Google Trends.

Although in the graph it can be seen that bitcoin stands out for global Google searches, it is possible to notice that there are two words that have slightly increased its interest. These are NFT since February with greater intensification at the end of the year and metaverse since October.

Venezuela is the third country in the world that has googled the most NFT, thus surpassing Spain in 33rd place and Argentina in 37th. As reported by CriptoNoticias, a third of the Venezuelan population already knows what NFTs are, which they recognize as collectible digital art, according to a study by

Regarding metaverse, Venezuela also leads the interest, although only in position 53, since the term, which means virtual parallel worlds, is more used in Asia. Then they are followed by Spain, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Chile.

Google searches serve as a thermometer to measure global and regional interest in a topic. In this sense, the fact that Bitcoin continues to lead the search ranking reflects that, despite the emergence of new concepts that attract the attention of the media, the leadership of Bitcoin is maintained in this market.