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Google launches a tool to read news without ‘clickbait’

Google launches this Thursday in Spain its new News Showcase tool, with which it wants to “promote quality journalism.” The multinational has reached agreements with 60 media publishers, who manage some 140 publications, to pay them in exchange for a license to display their content in this new space.

Showcase works through panels and is complementary to Discover and Google News, which returned to Spain on June 22 after Congress approved a renewal of the copyright law. In the case of the new tool, it will be the media themselves that select what news they want to show in it, which for the multinational represents a guarantee to avoid clickbait and junk content that take advantage of the algorithm to reach millions of people.

“The publishing industry and Google have the same objective: to increase the quality of the news that is seen on the Internet and specifically on Google”, explained those responsible for the company in a meeting with journalists attended by, which is among the means that are part of the initial release.

“We want citizens to be more and better informed and to consume more information on publishers’ web pages. We understand that through this collaboration, all participating publishers will contribute to achieving these goals. We have no doubt about the quality of the news that will appear in the Showcase panels”, they expose from Google.

With this model, it will be the media that decides which of their news can attract new readers and make them part of their community. In addition, Google’s remuneration to publishers will not be tied to the clicks they get on Showcase. “It has a different approach than other Google News products, because it offers stories selected by the editors themselves and takes more into account the way they want to present them to the public,” the company details.

In turn, the company highlights that with this approach based on “quality journalism” it includes the media that produce local information. Although it is the media managers themselves who choose what content they send to Google News Showcase, it will be the multinational’s algorithms that select which headers they show to each user.

“The content that the user will see depends on various factors: their location, the interests they have communicated (topics, sources of information), the media they have decided to follow, etc.”

In addition to the 140 headers that are part of the initial release, Google indicates that they are open to including any other medium that wishes to be incorporated into the new tool. “Any publisher that has quality content can participate.”

“A new stage of collaboration”

Several media managers have welcomed the new Google tool. “The launch of News Showcase in Spain opens a new stage of collaboration between Google and the media,” says Rosalía Lloret, CEO of “We trust that the new service will allow citizens to better distinguish between quality journalism and fake news, and bring new audiences to the professional and honest work of journalists on the ground from all over Spain, as is the case with the of”, he added.

“For Prisa Media, Google News Showcase helps to give visibility to online content produced by quality media such as ours, following the path of other countries in Europe that have already done so”, said Carlos Nuñez, executive president from the editor of El País. “Access to quality and truthful information content is of vital importance for the cohesion and identity of local communities,” agrees Pablo Muzás, managing director of La Voz de Lanzarote.

Showcase is accessible from the Discover and Google News mobile apps, as well as from the web portal of the latter service.

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