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Google launches tools for more ethical ads on Android | Digital Trends Spanish

Google presented Privacy Sandbox, a package of tools for Android application developers that seeks to provide alternatives that allow maintaining the advertising business on the Internet and, at the same time, being respectful of user privacy.

In a post on their corporate blogAnthony Chavez, Google’s vice president for Android security and privacy, said Privacy Sandbox is a multi-year initiative and that for now, developers will be able to evaluate Google’s initial proposals.

“Over the course of this year, we plan to finalize preliminary versions for developers, which will culminate in a beta version by the end of 2022,” said Chavez.

Google explained that Privacy Sandbox will be based on Topics, the tool designed for the world without cookies.

Broadly speaking, Topics will give advertisers information so they can infer what interests a user.

Google said the goal of the Privacy Sandbox is to guarantee the right to privacy of those who access the Android operating system, but “without putting free content and services at risk.”

A subtle criticism of Apple

In its message, Google launched a subtle criticism of Apple, whom it did not expressly mention.

“Other platforms have chosen a different path that aggressively restricts the methods currently used by developers and advertisers. We believe that these ways may be ineffective and end up in worse scenarios for the privacy of users and developer companies”, Google mentioned in the Privacy Sandbox announcement.

Person holding an iPhone 13 Pro.

The comment would refer to the update that Apple made in April 2021 to iOS, with which it established a new privacy policy that requires app developers to ask users for permission to track their online activity.

That change sparked a conflict between Apple and Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Since the implementation of its new privacy policy, Meta’s market value has fallen by more than $300 billion.

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