Friday, February 3

Google Lens wants to translate the illegible doctor’s handwriting | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the most universal and daily problems for many and many is the moment when you receive the prescription or diagnosis from your doctor and you don’t understand a damn what his handwriting says.

For that, Google is developing an AI model that can decipher hard-to-read handwriting, with a focus on notes and prescriptions written by doctors.

The search giant announced during its annual conference in India on Monday that it was working with pharmacists to create a tool on Google Lens that can decode disorderly written medical notes (through TechCrunch).

There are no details yet on when the new text decryption feature is expected to launch, just that “there is still a lot of work to be done before this system is ready for the real world.”

Google Lens is an artificial intelligence system that helps decipher images in real time.

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