Thursday, October 28

Google Maps adds a new navigation mode for cyclists | Digital Trends Spanish

For some time now, Google Maps has incorporated directions for those who travel by bicycle. However, so far there is no mode specifically geared for cyclists.

This should change soon with the launch of Lite Navigation. For this mode, the company has abandoned the “step-by-step” navigation system, because it understands that it is very rare for a cyclist to carry their phone on a holder and be able to consult it at all times.

This new navigation system will show the entire route as well as useful information about the road such as the estimated time of arrival and the distance that the user takes in real time or the elevation.

Google Maps.

This data will also be available with the screen locked, allowing you to monitor the status of the route by looking at the device without the need to turn on the device or manipulate it with your hands.

This Lite Navigation mode should arrive on Google Maps in the coming months and will be available for Android and iOS through an automatic update.

The patch will also incorporate the ability to choose a vehicle route that allows for minimum fuel consumption.

In addition, the database on the places where you can share a bicycle or scooter will be expanded. The information to be offered will be available for more than 300 cities around the world.

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