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Google Meet adds fun filters to compete with Zoom | Digital Trends Spanish

Quarantines and measures taken to slow the advance of the pandemic have encouraged the use of video meetings and conversations.

Thus, in recent months we have seen how the different applications that offer this service have gained popularity among users seeking to communicate in the midst of health restrictions.

One of these platforms is Google Meet. The company has responded to those who criticized it for being “too serious” and limited compared to its competitors.

Thus, from now on, Google has released an update for its application to make video calls much more pleasant and fun.

Add cats, astronauts, jellyfish and more to your Meet calls. New filters, masks and effects are now available for Meet on Android and iOS. Try it today → https://t.co/DDSvWFxDG8 pic.twitter.com/hylhsCcUuj

& mdash; Google (@Google) July 7, 2021

Meet for iOS and Android has filters and skins that the user can play with in the middle of a conversation (although they are not recommended for a work meeting, for example).

Just tap the brightness button in the lower right corner of the video call to bring up the various effect options.

Thus, it is possible to find blur and background effects, such as those used by business and education accounts, but there are also styles and filters among the options.

Lens flare effects and color overlays appear in Styles that can be applied to videos. The funniest options are in Filters, animal masks, for example, and virtual accessories that can be put on the face and head.

These new effects are now available and can be used even if the user starts a meeting through Gmail, rather than the Meet app itself.

In accordance with 9to5Google, the company’s goal in launching these new features is to become a true rival to Zoom.

With this, Google wants to attract personal users to Meet to make their calls with family and friends, this time with options that make communication much more fun and enjoyable.

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