Thursday, October 6

Google Meet will now save space with cloud storage | Digital Trends Spanish

If you have ever tried the visual effects of google-meet, you already know that moving around can create glitches and gaps at the edges where the foreground object (you) meets the stylized background. Computer confusion over which part of a webcam image belongs in the front and which goes in the back is getting a big update with the latest google meet update.

The problem with the older version is that many computers lack the processing power to extract depth information from a webcam. That means Google Meet might not find the edges well enough to begin with, and it’s often slow to update every time you move. It’s not as noticeable when using a blur effect, but it can spoil the experience when a stylized background is applied. Nothing destroys a peaceful nature background more than a pixelated hand with missing pieces when you wave.

Google’s solution to the problem is to use its hardware in the cloud to process the effect when the computer isn’t performing adequately. By taking the load off your computer, Google found that using the new version of Google Meet can result in savings of up to 30 percent in CPU usage, leading to longer battery life for meetings. laptops. These energy savings occur even as effect quality improves.

Google Meet cloud servers will help low powered computers to refine the edges.

The great thing about enhanced processing is that it happens automatically as needed. google points that cloud computing is prioritized for systems that need support the most, so computers with 4-core CPUs are more likely to benefit.

Google Meet video calls that use background blur or light adjustment on a low-power laptop are more likely to notice better background effects. Google will extend this improvement to depth effects to stylized backgrounds in Google Meet in the future.

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