Saturday, May 28

Google optimizes the Messages experience with an emphatic message to Apple | Digital Trends Spanish

Google announced a series of updates for users of its Messages application, while taking the opportunity to ask Apple for a modernization. Features like Photos and Gboard are involved in what’s new for Android device owners.

The innovations aim to avoid losing conversations due to cluttered inboxes and make communication more fluid, regardless of the operating system that each one uses.

“When people with Android phones and iPhones send messages to each other, not everything works as it should. This is because these conversations are based on SMS, an outdated messaging standard, rather than RCS, a modern, more secure industry standard used by Android that enables high-quality video, emoji reactions, end-to-end encryption, and more”, explained the product manager for Google Groups, Messages and Phones, Jan Jedrzejowicz.

Among other ways to improve it, the display of emojis was standardized and Photos with Messages were integrated, so that low-quality files are no longer sent, but rather the link to audiovisual content in high definition.

“But these new updates are not enough. We encourage Apple to join the rest of the mobile industry in adopting RCS to make messaging better and more secure, no matter which device you choose.”

Other good news involves automatic inbox sorting of messages in the Personal and Business tabs, Gmail-style. Users will also be able to access an unprecedented notification system for forgotten messages and important dates, such as birthdays.

Finally, the Gboard function will enjoy Emoji Kitchen and a catalog of 2,000 new pieces available as stickers. “Substitute pretzels for heart eyes, make it rain disco balls, or add some love to your favorite foods in endless possibilities,” invited Jedrzejowicz.

Initially available in the US, UK and India, the updates “will roll out in the coming weeks.”

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