Thursday, October 28

Google says the most searched term on Bing is “Google” | Digital Trends Spanish

Google is being investigated again by the European Commission for monopoly, having received a historic fine for abuse of its dominant position through Android.

This new investigation could mean another million-dollar sanction for the company, which could exceed billions of dollars.

For this reason, the strategy of the technology lawyers has consisted in showing that if they have that dominant position it is because users prefer their search engine more.

The defense has presented data that shows that Google is also the most searched in its competition, Bing, where the term “Google” would appear among the most entered by users.

The intention of the company is to make it clear that people are not “forced” to use its search engine, on the contrary, they resort to it because it is very “popular”.

Google considers that the sanction imposed by the European Commission is unfair. When it was enacted in 2018, the company defended itself by stating that Android had created “more competition and choice.”

They also said that any user could change search engines “if they want to.”

As part of the defense, the company’s lawyers have added that “Google’s market share in general search is consistent with consumer surveys showing that 95 percent of users prefer Google to search engines. search for rivals ”.

At the moment, the company is in an expectant position awaiting the completion of the European investigation. It should be remembered that the last sanction cost Google 5 billion dollars.

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