Wednesday, November 29

Google tracks up to 39 personal data of yours, Apple only 12 | Digital Trends Spanish

An investigation by the site Stock Appsaccounts for the amount of personal data accumulated by the 5 largest Big Tech companies in the world: Manzana, amazon, Facebook, Google Y Twitter.

According to this, the Sundar Pichai-led company tracks 39 personal data, versus 12 from Apple at the other extreme.

“Apple only stores information that is necessary to maintain user accounts,” it continues. “This is because their website is not as reliant on ad revenue as Google, Twitter and Facebook are.”’s report does not list what it describes as the “data points” Big Tech companies collect for each user. However, it says they include location details, browser history, activity on third-party websites and, in Google’s case, emails in Gmail as well.

It also does not detail its methodology, but it does say that it used the marketing firm digitalinformationworld to investigate Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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