Thursday, October 28

Google wants to include free channels on Google TV | Digital Trends Spanish

Google plans to add free TV channels to Google TV, its Chromecast operating system, and associated smart TVs.

According to a report by Protocol, the company has already had conversations with several free and ad-supported streaming television distribution channels.

These channels would appear alongside the company’s current offer of payment services, from YouTube TV to the set of additional streaming platforms.

These channels offer content without the need for a monthly fee, but show ads during the broadcast or include a watermark on the screen.

According to the report, these channels will be available on Chromecasts with Google TV, where users can access them through the navigation menu.

For now it is not clear which would be the channels that could reach the Google TV service. Regarding the date, the report anticipates that the company could announce this function during the next few months and it would begin to function at the beginning of 2022.

In the Protocol note, Google is also rumored to have partnered with TV makers, such as Sony and TCL, to launch TVs with its operating system.

In this case, ad channels could be complemented by traditional television channels.

In recent times, TV makers and content providers such as Amazon, Samsung and Roku have seen free and ad-supported channels become more popular with viewers.

While these services offer content free of charge, they are usually less up-to-date than other premium platforms, such as Netflix and Disney Plus.

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