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Google Wifi: availability in Mexico and first impressions | Digital Trends Spanish

mesh systems or mesh they are a great ally now that internet is needed practically in any corner of the house; Those who also have children who must take online classes know this well. In this context, the second generation of google-wifi to Mexico. We tell you our first impressions about this solution.

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The access points of the Californian company They’re available in packs of one or three. Anyone can connect to the local modem, while the rest —if that’s the case— will be dedicated to expanding coverage.

  • Box with access point: 2,600 Mexican pesos
  • Package with three units: 5,000 Mexican pesos

Some of the highlights of Google Wifi are coverage for spaces of up to 110 square meters per unit, two Gigabit Ethernet ports -which can be configured as WAN or LAN-, dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), easy configuration, capacity for up to 100 devices and a compact and elegant design.

The firm’s solution is only compatible with up to 802.11ac, that is, Wi-Fi 5. Those looking for the maximum connection for their devices with Wi-Fi 6, such as cell phones and laptops of the latest generation, may have to consider other options of system mesh.

The one-piece package might be enough to cover a small apartment, while for a multi-level space (or up to 3,500 square feet), for example, you might want to opt for the box with three access points. New Google Wifi units can be added at any time.


The installation and configuration of the access point(s) is simple; The process is carried out from Home, the application that concentrates the devices that work or are compatible with the Google Assistant.


Once the unit that is connected directly to the home modem is recognized, the possibilities offered by this solution can be used immediately, from linking the other points to managing internet access.

In the main interface of Home, when you click directly on the icon designated for Google Wifi, you can do a speed test or, from the general settings (gear), change the equipment name, restart the network, modify the password or establish a Wi-Fi for guests, among other options.

Regarding privacy, it goes in two points (which can be disabled), one directed to Nest Wifi —not yet available for Mexico— and another to Google Wifi:

  • Nest Wifi cloud services. “Nest Wifi uses cloud services to give you the best performance, useful network stats, and help whenever you need it. Nest Wifi stores and analyzes data about the entire network and devices.”
  • Google Wifi router and hotspot usage statistics. “Automatically send Google anonymous crash reports and Wi-Fi usage statistics from all your devices on the network to improve Google Wi-Fi products.”

In the featured section of Wifi, displayed from the main Home screen, it is possible to access other somewhat more specific tools, such as setting priority devices or quickly configuring what the Californian firm calls WiFi for family, an option that allows everything from programming a connection pause on the children’s devices to creating a group of computers that you want to control simultaneously.

In general, the Californian firm offers all the tools for anyone to manage the improved network from Google Wifi. Can you ask for the Home app to be more intuitive to control appliances with the Californian seal? Yes, definitely.

First impressions


It is important to say that, in the tests carried out, it was only possible to get hold of the package with one piece, which is enough for a small department and improve the signal and power of the local modem (this is perceived as more stable in the extended coverage area). ).

What cannot be left aside is that, for the price of the box with three units, a system could be purchased mesh compatible with Wi-Fi 6 and with greater coverage regarding square meters, at least in Mexico.

For those who are just looking to enhance their current “tech ecosystem”—which may not have or consider upcoming Wi-Fi 6 products—and have been using the Assistant as the foundation of their smart home for a long time, Google Wifi is presented as a mesh appliance worth considering, one that’s easy to set up and manage.

In Mexico it can be purchased at establishments such as Chedraui, Coppel, Costco, Liverpool, Mercado Libre, Mixup, Office Depot, Palacio de Hierro, RadioShack, Sanborns, Sears, The Home Depot and Walmart.

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