Friday, February 3

Google will give up to 24 weeks of paternity leave | Digital Trends Spanish

Google announced a package of benefits for its employees that includes more weeks of paternity and maternity leave, family care and additional vacations.

The benefits were announced by the director of talent, Fiona Cicconi, in an email sent to Google employees and that it is consigned by the medium Business Insider.

The new labor welfare measures contemplate a total of 18 weeks of paternity and maternity leave (previously they enjoyed 12 weeks), or 24 weeks for fathers and mothers of newborn children (previously they were 18). Also, workers who need to take time off to care for a family member will be able to request eight weeks off. Likewise, the minimum vacation period will go from 15 to 20 days.

Cicconi said that the benefits will be effective from next April 2.

According to the letter, Google recognizes that more than 40 percent of its employees belong to the “Swándich generation”, a term that refers to workers who are either required to raise children or care for elderly relatives.

“We want to support our employees at every stage of their lives, and that is achieved by giving extraordinary benefits so that they can spend more time with their new baby, take care of a loved one or take time for their personal well-being,” said the directive.

Google is known for giving its employees various work benefits, including gyms, recreation rooms or free food inside their offices. However, in the face of the pandemic and the rise of teleworking, the company has been forced to adapt and strengthen its employment benefits.

Although the measures are aimed at facilitating the well-being of workers, they seek to prevent the flight of talent.

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