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Google works on a new Chromecast: report | Digital Trends Spanish

Google would work on a new Chromecast player that could integrate more internal storage space, as well as compatibility with a new video standard that makes high-resolution video playback more efficient, according to a report published by the portal 9to5Google.

The source is based on finding references to a new Chromecast in APK applications, which are the files necessary for the installation of an app. In them, the discovery of the reference to the Boreal code name and its relationship with Google TV stands out, which came as part of the Chromecast renewal that Google launched at the end of 2020.

Caleb Denison/Digital Trends

The 2020 Chromecast came with news such as the addition of Google TV as an operating system, the possibility of installing apps on the device and the inclusion of a remote control, marking the most important renewal in the Chromecast family since Google presented it in 2013.

The report of 9to5Google points out that the references found in APK files do not offer many clues about what the new fifth-generation Chromecast could integrate.

For this reason, the portal speculates that one of the improvements could be an increase in the amount of available storage (the fourth generation Chromecast has only 8GB of storage), in addition to compatibility with the AV1 video codec.

The AV1 video codec is up to 40% more efficient than HEVC and VP9. Codecs are programs that encode an audio and video signal to compress it and make its transfer require less bandwidth. In plain terms, a more efficient codec translates into the ability to play better quality streaming with a less robust internet connection.

The possible renewal of the Chromecast would aim to keep Google competitive in a field where there are more and more options, with players such as Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku.

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