Wednesday, July 6

Google works on its own network Find My for Android | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple’s Find My network does not allow us to find our devices even if they are not connected to the internet. A very useful system that apparently Google would be replicating for Android devices.

In accordance with XDA Developers, New lines of code related to a network called Find My Device have been found in the latest beta version of Google Play Services. The site explains that the network would use Google services to locate devices offline and anywhere with the help of millions of users, the same way Apple’s My Find network or Samsung’s networks work. The source code indicates that this option could be enabled or disabled on user demand.

Google has not offered details about this new service, but it may be based on the use of Bluetooth BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and ultra-wideband technologies for Android phones to locate lost devices. According to XDA, there are about 3 billion Android devices around the world, so it could become a gigantic search network.

At present, lost Google products can be located through the Find my Google device application, although it requires that each device be associated with a Google account (from which we search) and that it be connected to the internet, something that is not usual as lost or stolen phones often run out of battery or are turned off by thieves.

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