Friday, January 28

Google’s Pixel Watch is coming (at last) in 2022 to compete with the Apple Watch, rumors say

It has been almost three years since Google I buy Fitbit’s Wear OS division, and while it looked like this was going to spell the final push for its own smartwatches, the rumored Pixel Watch never appeared on the scene.

That will change, because according to sources close to the company that Pixel Watch will arrive in 2022. Google is already working on said watch, which is codenamed ‘Rohan’ —Very Tolkeniano, of course— and that theoretically it will be oriented to compete face to face with the Apple Watch.

All unknowns, many promises

The development of Google has been one of the most anticipated in recent years, especially after the investment of 2,100 million dollars the company did to acquire Fitbit.

That operation has not seemed to bear much fruit so far, and it seems that in fact the resources that were obtained will not be of much use with the hypothetical Pixel Watch, since the data indicates that who is developing it is a separate hardware group from Fitbit.

In fact, this device is expected to be a direct competitor of the Apple Watch with the already traditional physical activity and health tracking features. Yes there could be integration with Fitbit in Wear OS (codenamed ‘Nightlight’) when that watch shows up.

The truth is Google’s situation with Wear OS has been fuzzy for years. After years with hardly any major updates, its latest effort has been made in collaboration with Samsung, with which it reached an agreement to combine Wear OS with Tizen.

The only result of that alliance has been the Samsung Galaxy Watch4, and it seems that now Google wants to launch its own proposal, which may take advantage of the path started by the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro e integrate your own processor which could theoretically be a shortened version of the Google Tensor that we find in those mobiles.

Via | Insider